Laptop Repair in Houston, TX

Whether you use your laptop for business or pleasure, even the smallest problem can cause major headaches for you. iDeal IT Trends LLC provides customers with complete laptop repair in Houston, TX, restoring the function of your computer so you can compute on-the-go with convenience and privacy. Some of the common repairs we provide include:

  • laptop ram

    Memory and RAM upgrades:

    Laptop running sluggishly? We can add an extra stick of RAM or swap out your insufficient RAM with something more suited for your computing needs. Let us add a little zip to your laptop!

  • lcd screen repair

    LCD screen repair:

    If you’re having backlight issues or problems with color, bring us your computer for laptop screen repair in Houston, TX. Our techs are adept at identifying the issue causing your screen problems and correcting it.

  • laptop keyboard

    Keyboard and touchpad replacement or repair:

    If your trackpad or keyboard are unresponsive or damaged, allow us to outfit you with replacement components or solve the problems with your existing hardware to restore its function.

  • laptop repair

    Hard drive upgrade or replacement:

    Want to swap in a solid-state drive for your clunky spin drive? Need to upgrade your total available storage space? We deliver hard drive upgrades and replacements to breathe new life into your reliable laptop.

  • screen-repair

    Cracked screen replacement:

    Cracked screens happen. When they do, bring your laptop to us instead of shipping it in to the manufacturer! We’ll provide a high-caliber replacement quickly, so you can get back to computing.

Our services are available regardless of the make or model of your laptop. We have hands-on experience working with some of the industry’s leading name brands, including:






High Res



Does your laptop need repairs or upgrades, delivered by a highly-qualified professional tech? iDeal IT Trends LLC is ready to assist you! Contact us today at 713-589-5817 and let us help you utilize your laptop to its fullest potential.